April 5, 2022

Welcome Friends!

For the longest time, I had no desire to start a yoga blog. I felt that everyone out there had said it or expressed it before, so why rewrite it? But over the past few years, I have spent every week blogging with my co-founder Michelle over at the Orchid Experience. I have found it to be very enjoyable and oftentimes useful in clarifying my own thoughts and processes.  

Yoga is a practice. There is no winning, graduating, or outgrowing yoga. It is something you forever do. You may have heard it before – “Yoga” means to “yoke,” to connect. It’s about connecting the body and mind, the body and the breath, the spirit and the body. Yoga connects many things and there are many ways to practice and experience yoga.

So what do I plan on talking about? Who knows!? I should know, right? Well, one thing I have learned is you can’t plan too far in advance, you need to be flexible, and go in without expectations. So stay tuned, and we’ll embark on this journey together.