Hi, I’m Jen!

I’m a mom of twins, who loves to travel and eat good food. I’ve been teaching yoga and group fitness classes around the world for over a decade. I like to encourage my students and yoga therapy clients to be curious about the experiences they have in the moment. I believe yoga is for Every Body and yoga can be adapted and changed to meet everyone’s needs.


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Better Posture in 10 Seconds: 2 ways to make a yoga strap posture corrector

Improve your posture, feel taller, and be more confident with this quick, and easy-to-make, posture corrector with a yoga strap (or belt). It only takes 10 seconds to make this yoga-backpack using either of these 2 methods.
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11 easy yoga poses you need to feel energized & complete your morning

10 minute morning yoga poses and stretches to do at home for everyone including beginners.
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JenBellYoga Alternate Nostril Breathing Blog
Alternate Nostril Breathing: one powerful way to improve your focus and actually relieve anxiety

Nadi Shodhana, or alternate nostril breathing, is an easy and simple way to help you focus and relax. Learn how to do this pranayama (breathing practice) and how it can reduce your heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety.
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