Hi, I’m Jen!

I’m a mom of twins, who loves to travel and eat good food. I’ve been teaching yoga and group fitness classes around the world for over a decade. I like to encourage my students and yoga therapy clients to be curious about the experiences they have in the moment. I believe yoga is for Every Body and yoga can be adapted and changed to meet everyone’s needs.


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6 Ways to do Plank Pose for beginners and Fitness fanatics + Anatomy Break Down

Plank pose is a great way to work the core, but do you know why you should engage your inner thighs and turn the eyes of the elbows forward in the pose? Discover how to do the pose, modifications for all ability levels, and some all-important anatomy of plank pose, aka phalakasana.
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 How to Do Warrior 2  (Virabhadrasana II) Ultimate Guide + Anatomy Break Down

The story of warrior 2 is exciting! And like the story, there is a lot to unpack in warrior 2. Learn the story of, how to do, variations, and the anatomy, of warrior 2.
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